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A lot of horse owners wonder (but might not want to ask)…

Why does my foal eat its Mum’s poo?
It might not appeal to us very much, but your foal absolutely needs to eat its Mum’s manure – and the better quality that manure, the better (no kidding). 

Foals are born without any fibre-digesting bacteria in their gastrointestinal tracts, so they have to eat their Mum’s manure to get it. (There is even a word for this behaviour – ‘coprophagy’). If the mare’s gut is healthy and populated by mostly ‘good’ bacteria then her manure will provide plenty of ‘good’ bacteria for her foal too. In turn this will populate the foal’s gut with ‘good’ bacteria and set it up for a lifetime of efficient fibre digesting. Perfect.

That’s the short answer, but let’s delve a little deeper…

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