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About Us

We’re passionate and committed to helping you and your best friend live their best lives.


Poseidon Animal Health exists to help people and their animals live their best lives and have proven results with horse and dog owners across the globe.

The family-owned business has already made a name for itself as the leading horse gut health company, trusted by the experts.

Linda Goldspink-Lord, founder of Poseidon Equine, was inspired to create the company’s first gut health product for horses after she’d experienced the importance of the gut in healing her own health. It started with her own health crisis. She had previously suffered from encephalitis and over ten years later was still having major problems with her health, energy levels, memory and concentration. But after researching the power of the gut on influencing our emotional regulation and brain and overall health, she took a proactive approach to gut health and turned her life around. She then started looking into the possibilities of gut health for healing and helping horses, and Poseidon Equine was born.

After welcoming a new puppy Oscar into her family’s lives last year, Linda decided the time was right to create a gut health supplement for her other furry four-legged friends. Working with a highly-skilled team — including a holistic veterinarian, canine nutritionist/naturopath, and a microbiologist — Poseidon Canine formulated their first product: Digestive K9TM.

Poseidon Canine is committed to making your dog happy and healthy from the inside out. Based in NSW, Poseidon Canine is proudly produced in Australia.

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