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A long happy life for your dog starts with good gut health.

Like gut repair powder for you, this one’s for your dog.

From the makers of Digestive EQ, Digestive K9 helps your best friend live their best life.

Backed by scientists, vets, and dog owners across Australia, simply add Digestive K9 powder to your dog’s meal.

Support your dog’s health + wellbeing through good gut health.

Results from Frank + Reece.

“I wouldn’t call it a “health issue”, but Frank was slightly underweight at the start of the trial. Not overly noticeable, but since being on Digestive K9™ it has sorted that out and he has put on a healthy amount of weight. His ‘Poop production’ increased, that was really noticeable. A great sign of some really good gut health! he really seemed to enjoy it in all of his food.

Naturally we started off with small doses to ease them into it, and started to notice changes after about 4 weeks.

Easy to use & the dogs liked it!”

Immune support

A happier tummy

Normal number 2's

Reduced gas

Improved sleep

Reduced allergies

Calmed itchy skin

Better oral health

Better behaviour

All natural ingredients. Here’s the good stuff.

Bio-K9™ Boost

Our uniquely developed and most powerful blend yet. A proprietary fermented mix of Prebiotic, Paraprobiotic and Postbiotic goodness.

Organic Spirulina

Spirulina is a powerful antioxidant that’s high in digestive-friendly vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Organic Ginger

Great for good gut health, ginger has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anti- flatulence benefits.


Pineapples contain a group of naturally-occurring enzymes that break down protein, reduce bloating, constipation and improve digestion.


Relieving mucous membrane irritation, Oatstraw is great for the canine nervous system.


A powerful amino-acid, Glutamine boosts immune cell activity in the gut and soothes intestinal tissues.


A natural boost to promote good gut health, Larch protects the gut wall and helps control diarrhoea and tummy upsets.

Organic Beef Liver Powder

A vitamin-rich protein that’s a doggy delicacy, Australian Organic Beef Liver Powder assists in boosting skin health, energy + calming the nervous system

Green Lipped Mussels

A rich source of Omega 3, Green Lipped Mussels are packed with anti-inflammatory properties to support your dog’s digestive system.

Need help?

We’ve got an expert team of animal nutritionists, veterinarians and educated consultants on our side, we make it our mission to help you get the best out of our products. Contact us, Check out FAQ’s or Shop now if you are ready to see the difference Digestive K9 makes for your dog.

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