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How To Feed Digestive K9


How to Feed Digestive K9?

It’s as simple as sprinkle, mix, yum!

Digestive K9 comes in a powder (with dog-approved deliciousness) that is added daily and mixed through your dog’s food. It’s been created using naturally-sourced ingredients, and evidence-based research to help all stages of your dog’s digestion.

Simply sprinkle the Digestive K9 powder (using the below introduction feed guide and dosage rate) over the top of their food, mix it up, then serve.

We recommend starting your dog on a smaller dose, building up the amount over time to ensure their tummy has lots of time to get used to the new supplement

For example, we suggest following this 14 day feed guide as the best way to start using Digestive K9

Days 1 - 3: start with a small pinch, increase to 1/4 of the recommended daily dosage
Days 4 - 7: increase to 1/2 of the recommended daily dosage
Days 8 - 11: increase to 3/4 of the recommended daily dosage
Days 12 - 14: increase to the full recommended daily dosage

What do I feed with Digestive K9?
You can add Digestive K9 into your dog’s existing diet. Due to the nature of the powder, a combination of wet and dry food helps mix in the supplement.

TIP: If you’re feeding your dog dry food only, add a bit of water to the bowl to help mix through the supplement.

How much Digestive K9 should I feed my dog and how long does a bag last?
Here's our handy feed rate, this will help you understand how much to buy and add to your dog's diet;

Dog Type(Weight) Feed Rate 150g Bag 350g Bag
0 - 4kg 0.25 scoop 126 days 296 days
5 - 14kg 0.5 scoop 53 days 147 days
15 - 29kg 1 scoop 32 days 74 days
30 - 44kg 1.5 scoop 22 days 49 days
45kg+ 2 scoop 16 days 37 days

Note: 1 scoop is the equivalent of 4.75 grams(roughly 1 teaspoon)

What are the ingredients in Digestive K9?

Bio-K9™ Boost

Our uniquely developed and most powerful blend yet.
A proprietary fermented mix of Prebiotic, Paraprobiotic and Postbiotic goodness.

Organic Spirulina

Spirulina is a powerful antioxidant that’s high in
digestive-friendly vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Organic Ginger

Great for good gut health, ginger has anti-inflammatory,
antimicrobial and anti-flatulence benefits.


Pineapple contain a group of naturally-occurring enzymes that
break down protein, reduce bloating, constipation and improve digestion.


Relieving mucous membrane irritation,
Oatstraw is great for the canine nervous system. .


A powerful amino-acid, Glutamine boosts immune cell activity in the gut and soothes intestinal tissues.


A natural boost to promote good gut health, Larch protects the gut wall
and helps control diarrhoea and tummy upsets.

Organic Beef Liver Powder

A vitamin-rich protein that’s a doggy delicacy, Australian Organic Beef Liver Powder
assists in boosting skin health, energy and calming the nervous system.

Green Lipped Mussels

A rich source of Omega 3, Green Lipped Mussels are packed with
anti-inflammatory properties to support your dog’s digestive system.

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